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The remoteness and inaccessibility of Alaska's waters and coastlines has left much of it undeveloped, undisturbed, and undiscovered.  Isolation, weather conditions, and geological formation have made Alaska an entirely unique part of the world.  Alaska Marine Expeditions is the perfect gateway to conducting research, exploration, documentary film, journalism, and ecotourism based charters in these difficult to reach areas.  Trip duration, number of passengers, and time of year are flexible and can be designed to fit your needs.  M/V Pukuk can be used, but is not limited to, the following types of charters. 
Alaska is home to hundreds of bird species.  On M/V Pukuk clients are able to view and study birds offshore as will as ride the transport skiff to shore and observe them from the coastline.

Conduct research of marine mammals, fish, crustaceans, microorganisms, and other sea life which live in and around the Alaskan waters.  Travel on the Pukuk to areas with an extraordinary abundance of sea life such as Prince William Sound, Kachemak Bay,  the Inside Passage, and the Aleutian Islands.

Study Alaskan waters including the Gulf of Alaska, and both the Pacific side and the Bering Sea side of the Aleutian islands.  During certain times of the year it is even possible to travel as far north as the Bering Straits and the Arctic Ocean. 

Take our transport skiff to shore to research one of the world's most fascinating geological treasures: the Aleutians.  From active volcano activity to earthquakes, the islands hold a wealth of geological information. 

Experience and study the unpredictable weather that Alaska and particularly the Aleutians are known for.  Check out details about the vessel's stabilization system to absolve any reservations you may have about getting caught in severe weather conditions.

Conduct first-hand research on climate change from Alaska, which is experiencing some of the earliest signs of global warming.  Study changes that have occurred in weather patterns and marine life in recent years thought to be connected to climate change. 

Study the impact of fishing and pollution in one of the world's most remote regions. Though known for its natural abundance, Alaska's complex ecosystems make it particularly vulnerable to environmental change.   

Visit Native villages on Alaska's coastline.  Many of these villages are some of the world's most remote communities, making them unique.  While many of these villages have air strips, weather conditions are unreliable and some do not have lodging facilities.  The Pukuk provides ideal housing and transportation for this type of charter.

The Pukuk's comfortable facilities are ideal for housing and transporting film crews.  Customers can take advantage of the vessel's advanced stabilization system to improve steady filming while at sea. 

Alaska Marine Expeditions offers charters that can't be found anywhere else.  Nature lovers seeking a one-of-a-kind Alaskan adventure are challenged to find a boat as comfortable, a skipper as competent, and a crew as helpful as the Pukuk's.  Naturalists and guides may be available upon request. 

Custom design  your own charter.  Contact us about your special needs.
Charter Pricing

Charter pricing varies based on many factors including duration of trip, numbers of passengers, distance between destinations, price of fuel, and the purpose of the charter.  Due to these variables we are unable to list a standard pricing scale, however, don't hesitate to contact us with your charter details so we can promptly get back to you with a quote.


Alaska Marine Expeditions offers charters year round.  Contact us about when you are interested in chartering the Pukuk and we will let you know what dates are available.  We can also discuss weather conditions during the time of year you are inquiring about and what to expect in different regions of Alaska. 

"The winter bird survey of Kenai Fjords was a great success.  This is a wonderful boat!  And it was wonderful to come back to a warm dry boat with such great food!  Thirty-one different species of birds, hundreds of harbor seals, dozens of sea otters and even five (or so) mountain goats!  I hope we see this wonderful boat Puk-uk again soon!!"

---Michael Shepard, National Park Service
Alaska Marine Expeditions
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